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Bob Daly


Robert Daly

Vice President

Joan Dillon

 Bill Schmechel


Bill Schmechel

 Maggie Herrera


Maggie Herrera

 Terry DeAnda

Terry DeAnda


Cathy Carlson

Social Secretary

Betty Howe

History of the UCR Retirees' Association

Staff Retiree Association
Founded: July 9, 1990 with the support of Chancellor Rosemary Schraer and with encouragement, guidance, and direction to the organizational committee from Darlene Powers, Benefits Office.
  • First President: Lola Dixon
  • Vice President: Ed Hanki
  • Secretary: Evelyn Middleham
  • Treasurer: Eleanor (Ellie) Buker
  • Board Member at Large: Marion Bailey

Annual Dues: $15

Tower Talk, the name of our quarterly newsletter, was chosen in January 1991 by way of a contest among UCR Retirees. Thirty eight names were suggested, but Mary Cassina’s suggestion won! Mary was given a gift certificate for two dinners at the Spaghetti Factory.

(Staff) Retirees’ Association Past Presidents:
  • Lola Dixon:  1990-1994
  • Doris Churry:  1994-1998
  • Maurice (Maury) Yarno:  1998-2000
  • Sal Martino:  2000-2007
  • Cliff Wurfel:  2007-2012
  • D.L. 'Les' Martin:  2012-2014
  • Bob Daly: 2014 - Present

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