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2017 UCRRA Executive Committee Elections

The UCR Retirees’ Association (UCRRA) Executive Board is seeking nominations for two officers, President and Treasurer. Each position serves a two-year term which begins on September 1, 2017. A position on the Board provides a unique opportunity to assist in the development of special or one-time programs for UCRRA members; to provide opportunities for social, cultural, and other continuing relationships among members of UCRRA and the University community; and to foster continuing involvement of UCRRA members in campus activities and volunteer work.

The duties of each position are:

The President

The President has the responsibility for the operation and success of the UCRRA. The President shall preside at all meetings of UCRRA and at meetings of the Executive Board; appoint committees as needed; and serve as ex-officio members on all committees. The President will perform duties as required to ensure that the UCRRA is financially sound and achieves its purposes and goals.

The Treasurer

The Treasurer shall keep the Books of Account; collect dues and charges which may be assessed; maintain custody of Association funds; pay all bills; and co-sign checks with the President. The Treasurer shall present an annual financial statement to the Executive Board. Quarterly financial statements shall be presented to the Executive Board and at general meetings. The Treasurer shall process membership requests and shall maintain a current record of UCRRA membership.

The Nominating Committee invites you to nominate yourself or a colleague for one of these positions. Please send your nominations to me at, or text, or call me at (951) 941-0231, by April 7, 2017. The Nominating Committee will develop a list of candidates from the nominations submitted, and the list will be presented in a form of a paper ballot to the members at the April 2017 luncheon for voting. If multiple nominations are not received, a verbal vote will be held in lieu of paper ballots.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Joan Dillon
Vice President, Chair, Nominating Committee
UCR Retirees’ Association

Medicare Retirees - IRS Form 1095 for 2016

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is the responsible entity for issuing 1095 forms for all individuals on Medicare, including UC retirees enrolled in UC-sponsored Medicare plans or in Medicare plans through OneExchange.

  • Medicare retirees who meet the following criteria will have a 1095-B form mailed directly to them from CMS.
    • Beneficiaries under the age of 65 with Medicare Part A;
    • Beneficiaries who enrolled in Medicare Part A for the first time in 2016; or
    • Beneficiaries who had Medicare Part A Coverage for part of 2016.
  • Medicare retirees who do not meet the criteria above will not receive 1095B forms from CMS and are instructed to check a box on their tax return to indicate that they had health coverage (similar to last year).

For more information, visit UCNET: Availability of IRS Form 1095 website.

Office 365 - Impact on UCR Email Accounts

A University-wide migration from on-premises Exchange email accounts to the Microsoft’s cloud-based collaboration suite called Office 365 has begun.  Computing and Communications (C&C) has evaluated the efficacy of deploying cloud based email, calendaring, and various accompanying collaboration tools. Migrating our email services to the cloud will allow UCR the ability to maintain and improve upon our existing enterprise email and collaboration tool offerings, without requiring us to invest heavily in upgrading our infrastructure to meet our campus' growing needs.

As part of this migration, UCR email account holders will need to configure their email accounts to accommodate this migration. To receive help with this configuration:

Please note: If you previously had a UCR email account, it may have been suspended until the email account has been reconfigured.

UC Emeriti-Retiree Survey

Tell us what kind of activities and programs you would like to see developed.
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UCR Wellness Program

UC Riverside cares about the health of its entire campus community. The University offers a variety of programs, policies & guidelines, and services.

Learn more about the program


Ignite your passion for learning by taking a course through UC Riverside Extension’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI).

Learn About the OSHER Program View & print the course catalog

UCRRA Enhanced Parking Program

We are pleased to announce that the new and enhanced UCR Retiree Association Member Parking Pilot Program will be available starting on December 4, 2015.  If you are a lifetime member or a current annual dues paying member of the UCRRA, you can obtain a free enhanced parking permit as part of your membership.
The enhanced parking permit will allow you to park on campus in the Red or Blue spaces in lots 6, 13, and 24, and in any non-resident parking spot in the Bannockburn parking lot.  You can obtain your new enhanced Retiree Parking Permit from Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) office at 683 Linden St. starting on December 4.  
You will need to show an ID and TAPS staff will verify that you are either a lifetime UCRRA member or have paid your UCRRA membership dues for 2015-16.  Retirees on a recall appointment are not eligible to receive the enhanced Retiree parking permit.  TAPS staff will also provide information about the exact location of retiree parking lots and spaces.  

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