Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, you will find commonly asked questions organized in three main categories. Once you click on the category of your choosing, a list of questions will display with answers. For any questions you may have that are not listed here, please email

  • UCR Services

    Q: Will I be able to use the library during retirement?

    A: Yes, UCR retirees' and emeriti will have access to the following privileges:

    • Unlimited number of books for check out
    • Option for 365-day loan period
    • Renewals, holds/recalls, interlibrary loan, course reserves checkouts are permitted
    • Proxy borrower privileges permitted (emeritus ONLY)
    • Remote access to licensed material with active UCR NetID

    Q: What will the UCR libraries ask for in order to prove that I am a retiree or emeriti of UCR?

    A: The following will be required in order to verify status:

    • The Card Office is working to create Retired Staff R'Cards, which can be used as proof of status at the library.
    • Emeriti may use their UCR card or obtain a UCR Library Card from circulation desks. To establish library privileges, please bring a UCR-issued emeritus card and proof of address (i.e. driver’s license). Privileges are granted biennially.
    • Retirees may use their UCR card or obtain a UCR library Card from circulation desks. To establish library privileges, please bring a Verification of Employment letter (available on UCPath Online) identifying the retired staff status, as well as proof of address (i.e. driver’s license). Privileges are granted biennially.

    Q: Are there any other resources that the UCR libraries offer Retirees and Emeriti?

    A: Both retirees' and emeriti will continue to have access to licensed material, as long as they have an active UCR NetID. They can also use in house library resources and equipment.

    Q: How do I access my UCR Email?

    A: Emeriti faculty will automatically keep their UCR email during retirement. Retiree staff are eligible to keep their UCR email by joining the UCR Retiree Association. Email for retirees is one of the many benefits to membership (for more information on association membership, please visit the UCR Emeriti and Retiree Association Membership FAQS section). Emeriti and retirees’ can access their UCR email by logging into rspace at You will need to login through the Central Authentication Service (CAS) system with your UCR NetID and Password. If you cannot remember your password, click on “Forgot your password” and follow the prompts.

    Q: How will the UCR Retirement Center use my email address?

    A: The purpose for the UCR Retirement Center to have your email address on file is to only provide you with necessary information as it relates to your retirement while keeping you informed on upcoming programs and events. The UCR Retirement Center does not share your personal information such as email with any other identity.

    Q: Where can I park on campus?

    A: By joining the UCR Retiree or Emeriti Association, retirees' and emeriti are eligible to receive the membership benefit of a free Red Lot Parking Permit that offers parking in select campus parking lots. You must have a valid UCR digital parking permit to park on campus at all times. Otherwise, finding a parking spot on campus can be challenging at all times of the day. Paid parking is required 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the exception of the gold lots 26, 30, 32 and 50 which are free after 6:00 p.m. Monday – Friday and all day on the weekends. Visitor permits may be purchased at our Campus Kiosk located on University Avenue entrance and west Campus Drive, and at the Canyon Crest Kiosk located on Martin Luther King Blvd. and Canyon Crest Drive. 

    Retiree and Emeriti Parking options:

    • Join the UCR Retirees or Emeriti Association to be eligible to receive the membership benefit of a free Red Lot Parking Permit
    • Retain your current parking permit and receive a 50% price deduction 
    • Get a free Gold permit each quarter

    Please note: Retirees and emeriti who return to work on a recall or contract appointment must return to paying the full cost of a UCR parking permit.​​​​​​​

    Q: What is an R’Card and where can I get one?

    A: An R’Card functions as an interactive ID that provides access to campus and community services. Some examples of services are as follows:

    • 10% discount at the UCR Bookstore
    • Potential discounts at local off campus businesses
    • Ability to validate status and obtain retiree library card
    • Access to the Faculty/Staff dining room at the new re-opened Barn

    We are in the process of finalizing this great benefit and will provide information on how to get a Retiree R’Card once they are available. For any questions, please feel free to contact the UCR Retirement Center at

    Q: What is the Rehire Retiree Pool Program?

    A: UC retirees are a valuable resource, providing the University with institutional knowledge, research resources and experienced replacements on a short-term temporary basis when needed. Many employers, including UC, turn to their retirees to address compelling needs for specialized knowledge and experience in the workplace. Most rehired UC retirees work on a part-time basis and for a limited duration, which support the orderly administration of the retirement system and the need to refresh the UC workforce. The Rehired Retiree Pool program offers temporary assignments of short-term duration.

    Q: How do I participate in the Rehire Retiree Pool Program?

    A. To be added to the Rehire Retiree Pool, please fill out the UCR Rehire Retiree Pool form and send it by email to for processing. Upon receipt, Human Resources will review the form to verify your eligibility to work as a retired employee. You will be notified once your eligibility status is confirmed. Upon receipt, Human Resources will review the form to verify your eligibility to work as a retired employee. You will be notified once your eligibility status is confirmed. 

    • Visit the webpage to access the UCR Rehire Retiree Pool form 
    1. The file will open automatically with Adobe Acrobat.
    2. With the file open, fill in the appropriate fields and save to your desktop.
    3. When you have completed the form, send the form by email to

    For more information, please visit the Rehired Retiree Pool Program web page at 

    Q: Are there any volunteer opportunities on campus?

    A: Depending on the time of year, there are various opportunities for retirees' and emeriti to get involved on campus as a volunteer. Some examples of this is helping out during commencement, move in day, open houses and participating in mentoring programs. Please see a list below of some volunteer opportunities on campus.

    Q: What specific services/involvements are offered for UCR Emeriti?

    A: The following are opportunities for UCR Emeriti:

    • Dickson Award: Emeriti can apply for the Dickson Award, which provides funds for active research, and (in future) there will be an Emeriti Board Award, as well. Please contact UCREA President, Doug Mitchell at for more information.
    • Distinguished Emerita-Emeritus Award: Emeriti can apply and/or be nominated for this award which will go out each year to one or more retired faculty who have set a high standard of achievement in Research, Teaching, or Service during the year since retirement. Please contact the UCR Retirement Center at for more information.
    • Archiving Faculty Papers: Emeriti can archive their hardcopy papers and receive support in digitizing their work. It is highly recommended to contact University Archives 3 to 6 months prior to your retirement to ensure that there is enough time for the archival process. For more information, please visit the University Archives webpage at To make an appointment, please contact Andrea Hoff, University Archivist at or (951) 827-3254.
  • UCR Retiree and Emeriti Association Membership

    Q: What is the purpose and mission of the UCR Emeriti Association?

    A: The UCR Emeriti Association (UCREA) provides many opportunities to stay connected to the campus and to other UCR emeriti. Its mission is to ensure the following:

    • Promote the general welfare of retired faculty, their spouses or domestic partners and their surviving spouses or domestic partners.
    • To assist emeriti in making the transition from active faculty career to emeritus/a status, which may continue to involve:
      • teaching;
      • scholarly research; and/or
      • service to the campus,
      • the UCR Division of or the Statewide Academic Senate or in other venues.
    • To communicate the activities and needs of the emeriti faculty to the UCR Division of the Academic Senate and to UCR administrators.
    • To help provide retirement services and information for all emeriti; to extend and enhance the services and opportunities available to emeriti faculty.
    • To sponsor educational and social events for the benefit of the membership and the UCR community. Stay Connected Our Mission.
    • To coordinate work towards our objectives with that of the Emeriti Associations on the other UC campuses.
    • To coordinate our activities with those of the UCR Retiree’s Association when mutually beneficial.

    Q: What is the purpose and mission of the UCR Retiree Association?

    A: The UCR Retirees’ Association (UCRRA) provides many key benefits that allow UCR’s retired staff and non-Senate academics various engaging opportunities. Their mission is to ensure the following:

    • To offer opportunities for social, cultural, and other continuing relationships among the members of UCRRA and the University community.
    • To foster continuing involvement in campus activities, volunteer work, or part-time employment.
    • To inform and assist retirees in utilizing benefits available to them. 
    • To enhance the campus benefit programs.
    • To develop special or one-time opportunities for retirees, and to participate in the systemwide retiree association, the Council of University of California Retirees' Association (CUCRA).

    Q: What are the benefits of joining the UCR Retiree or Emeriti Association?

    A: The benefits of joining the UCR Retiree or Emeriti Association includes:

    • Quarterly luncheons with speakers
    • Free parking on campus in centrally located lots
    • Quarterly newsletters
    • Opportunities to advocate for emeriti and retirees at the campus and system-wide levels
    • Volunteer opportunities to promote campus activities
    • Educational and social activities
    • Retirees are eligible to keep their UCR email (Emeriti will automatically keep their email)

    Q: How do I join the UCR Retiree or Emeriti Association and what are the membership levels?

    A: To join the UCR Retirees' and Emeriti Associations, please visit the Join or Renew web page at which will provide you the retiree/emeriti membership application that must be filled out and returned to the UCR Retirement Center.

    Membership Levels

    • New Members – Annual Full Membership for the Year (July 1 – June 30): $25.00
    • Renewal – Annual Full Membership for the Year (July 1 – June 30): $25.00
    • Complimentary 1st Year Membership (July 1 – June 30): Free (Complimentary membership does not include certain benefits such as Email4Retirees.)
    • Lifetime Membership (onetime payment): $250.00

    Q: What type of programs and events has the UCRRA and UCREA organized for its members? (Virtual programs and events are currently offered due to COVID-19 and UCR campus adjusted operations)

    A: Below is a list of regular programs and events that take place annually:

    • Quarterly Luncheons: Each year the associations put on 4 luncheons in February, May, September and December. These luncheons include updates and announcements from the UCRRA and UCREA leadership boards, captivating presentations from guest speakers, delicious three course meals and connecting with former colleagues and friends.
    • Dickson Lecture Series: Each year three retired UCR faculty are awarded Edward A. Dickson Professorships to support their research, teaching, or public service activities.  In the year following their awards, Dickson Professors give public presentations of their work sponsored jointed by the UCR Retirees Association and the UCR Emeriti Association.
    • Tower Talk Newsletter: UCRRA and UCREA members stay up to date on the latest retirement services information, programs and events through this newsletter that is distributed quarterly.
    • More to come: Since the start of the Retirement Center and Director in December 2019, programs and events will continue to increase to provide retiree and emeriti with engaging opportunities that bring our community together while enriching the retirement experience. 
  • Retirement Benefits

    Q: What resources are available to help me plan financially for my retirement?

    A: UC offers several resources to help with long-term financial planning including UC’s Financial Education Classes and One-on-One Consultation with a Fidelity Investments Retirement Planner. For more information, please visit the Human Resources, Benefits website at


    Q: I have questions related to my health care and plans. Who can I speak with regarding health plan issues?

    A: The Health Care Facilitator Program was established to help retirees and emeriti obtain full benefits and services available from health, dental and vision plans. For concerns related to coverage, access or billing, UCR's Health Care Facilitator can help to sort it out. For more information, please visit the Health Care Facilitator Program web page For support, contact UCR's Health Facilitator Program at (951) 827-2636 or 


    Q: What steps should I take to prepare for retirement?

    A: UC Net has put together 8 action items to help you prepare for your retirement. Please visit the UC Net webpage at to view the steps in full detail.

    Q: What necessary information do I need in order to complete the retirement process?

    A: There are several important documents and factors involved in completing the retirement process.


    Q: Where can I gain access to my retirement information?

    A: UC Retirement At Your Service (UCRAYS) is the new retirement website that has replaced At Your Service Online (AYSO) and provides information related to your retirement account.

    Here are some of the key features:

    • Getting started: Create and log in to your UCRAYS account.
    • Update your contact information and preferences.
    • Add a beneficiary.
    • View or adjust your tax withholding.
    • Verify your pension income.
    • View and download your current tax statements (1099-R) and those from previous years.
    • If you currently receive your 1099-R by U.S. mail and want to go green next year.
    • To estimate retirement benefit income

    For more information on registering for an account or using UCRAYS, please visit the UCRAYS How to Guide web page at To access the UCRAYS website directly, please visit the web page To view the FAQS about UCRAYS, please visit

    Q: Where can I find my tax documents?

    A: Electronic 1099-R forms are available for viewing on UC Retirement At Your Service (UCRAYS) web page located at

    Q: How can the UC Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC) assist me? (This information may vary due to remote working conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic)

    A: The RASC is dedicated to assisting the retirement needs of UC Retirees. During this time, however, RASC representatives will be transitioning to new ways to serve members. 

    Callers with certain urgent issues, including those who are not able to access their UC Retirement At Your Service (UCRAYS) account, may call 1-800-792-5178.

    Below are a few examples of urgent issues that may be best handled by leaving a message at 1-800-888-8267. A representative will return your call as soon as possible. 

    • Locked out of UCRAYS account
    • Problem with retirement check or direct deposit
    • Stop payment request
    • Report a death
    • Denial of medical services due to insurance coverage problems

    Q. What is the difference in taking full retirement salary or taking a slightly lower salary at the time of retirement?

    A: Please contact the UCR Benefits Office for assistance at

    Q. As the surviving spouse or dependent beneficiary of a recently deceased UCR retiree, how do I find out the actions to take to acquire benefits, such as pension, health and welfare to ensure continuation of benefits?

    A: To provide more information on important steps to take, please view the online handbook, "Your Guide to Survivor and Beneficiary Benefits" at For support, contact UCR's Health Facilitator Program at (951) 827-2636 or view the services and resources at

    Q. Where can I find more information on Retirement Benefits?

    A. For more information on Retirement Benefits, please visit the UC Retirement Benefits web page at or contact the UCR Benefits Office at