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Gift Giving

Thanks to the hard work of the UCR Retirees' and Emeriti Associations' leadership, and the support of Chancellor Wilcox, the UCR Retirement Center was established in December 2019. The UCR Retirement Center continues to develop programs, services and events to build a community of retirees and emeriti that stays connected to the UCR campus.

Through educational, informational and social engagement programs, the Center remains committed to serving the needs of retirees and emeriti throughout their retirement experience.  

The UCR Retirement Center is grateful to be able to leverage the knowledge and engagement in programs and events with the associations, its members and the community. We have increased our outreach through virtual engagements such as:

  • Highlander Emeriti and Retiree Tech-Tips (HEART) Program 
  • Dickson Lectures in cooperation with UCR Extension
  • Estate and Advance Care Planning Workshops
  • Luncheons Social Clubs and Activities
  • Wellness Tips and Resources

Along with continued leadership and advocacy for advancing retirement resources, and support through financial contributions that fill the gap in funding programs and services, your partnership in our efforts to thrive in the season of COVID-19 and beyond is essential and appreciated.

To ensure the stability and development of programs and events, we ask you to consider donating to the UCR Retirement Center, UCR Retirees' Association Scholarship Fund or the UCR Emeriti Association Scholarship Fund.  ​

  • Purpose of Funds

    UCR Retirement Center Fund 

    Supports all UCR retirees and emeriti and partners with the UCR Retirees' and Emeriti Associations in programs, services and events. 

    UCR Retirees' Association General Use Fund 

    Supports the UCR Retirees' Association in their initiatives such as undergraduate student scholarships, programs and events, services, and other association related expenses.

    UCR Emeriti Association Graduate Student Travel Award Endowment Fund 

    Supports UCR graduate students in any discipline in need of funds to attend professional meetings or conferences and pursuing scholarly activities at other institutions and/or research sites. 

  • Ways to Donate
    Checks can be mailed to:

    UC Riverside Foundation
    1136 Hinderaker Hall  
    Riverside, CA 92521

    Your generous gift truly makes a difference.

    We thank you.