• How to become a Member

    Membership is open to all staff and non-Senate academic retirees from the University of California, Riverside, as well as those who have retired from any other campus, lab, or other organization of the University of California (UC) who had previously been employed at the Riverside campus, shall be eligible for membership in UCRRA. Additionally, any retired UC staff member or non-Senate academic who lives in the area is eligible for membership. 

    There are three levels of membership plans available:

    • Lifetime - $250 per year
    • Annual - $25 per year
    • First year free (please note that this membership level has limited benefits)

    If you should have any questions, please contact Cristina Otegui, UCR Retirement Center Director at

  • UCR Retirees' Association History
    UCR Retirees’ Association History

    The UCR Retiree Association was founded on July 9, 1990 with the support of Chancellor Rosemary Schraer and with encouragement, guidance, and direction to the organizational committee from Darlene Powers, Benefits Office; First President, Lola Dixon; Vice President, Ed Hanki; Secretary, Evelyn Middleham; Treasurer, Eleanor (Ellie) Buker, and Board Member at Large, Marion Bailey.

    The name of our quarterly newsletter, Tower Talk was chosen in January 1991 by way of a naming contest among UCR Retirees. Thirty eight names were suggested, but Mary Cassina’s suggestion won!

    UCR Retirees’ Association Past Presidents
    • Mary Johnson: 2019 - 2022
    • Robert Daly: 2014 - 2019
    • D.L. 'Les' Martin:  2012-2014
    • Cliff Wurfel:  2007-2012
    • Sal Martino:  2000-2007
    • Maurice (Maury) Yarno:  1998-2000
    • Doris Churry:  1994-1998
    • Lola Dixon:  1990-1994
  • UCR Retirees' Association Board of Directors
    Andy Plumley - UCRRA President image
    Karim Zahedi - UCRRA Vice-President image
    Mitch Boretz - UCRRA Secretary image
    Andy Plumley
    UCRRA President
    Karim Zahedi
    UCRRA Vice-President
    Mitch Boretz
    Chavez - UCRRA Treasurer image
    Jorge Sanchez
    UCRRA Logo
    Al Chavez
    Jorge Sanchez
    Communications & Outreach
    Patricia Smith-Hunt


  • UCR Retiree Association Bylaws - Amended 2024
  • UCR Retirees Association - Annual Scholarship
    UC Riverside Retirees Association Annual Scholarship
    Creating a Path to Success

    By supporting the UCR Retiree’s Association Undergraduate Scholarship, you will join countless retired staff by raising funds to help undergraduate students with financial need achieve their educational goals. 

    The Undergraduate Scholarship is awarded on an annual basis and is open to all undergraduate students with preference given to retirees' and staff family members.

    For more information, please send an email to

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    2023-24 Undergraduate Scholarship Awards
    Colin Donahue

    Colin Donahue

    Public Policy/

    I hope to obtain my masters in the former and a BA in the latter in 2-3 years.

    I plan to either study economics/labor policy, go into government to work in economics/labor, or become a labor lawyer.

    The person I am related to on campus is Sherie Donahue, my mother and a current employee working at RED at UCR.

    I plan to use this scholarship generously given to me to further my goals of studying and combating economic inequality through the study of policy, labor, and economics to the best of my abilities.

    UCRRA Scholarship Recipient - Yalise Yannis

    Yalise Yanes


    My mom, Yvonne Yanes, works for the Human Resources, Employee and Organizational Development department. Her position is HR Coordinator.

    This scholarship is an honor; I plan to achieve my educational goals by absorbing each teaching while giving back to the campus, starting with volunteering in various groups or clubs to assist each student in achieving their goals.

    Lauren Dingle Media/
    Cultural Studies


    2022-23 Undergraduate Scholarship Awards
    Kulpreet Choker

    Kulpreet Chhokar

    Cell Molecular and Development Biology

    I am in the 2025 Class and my aspiration is to become a physician.

    My brother attended UCR and is an alumnus.

     I am driven to utilize this scholarship to pursue my educational goals and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to make a meaningful impact as a future physician. 

    Van Nguyễn

    Van Nguyen


    My career plan is to become a Psychologist or Therapist.

    As a first-generation college student from a low-income background, this scholarship has significantly supported me in achieving my educational goals and my journey to becoming a mental health professional.

    Colin Donahue

    Colin Donahue

    Public Policy/

    I plan to either to get into labor law and help unions or work in the government.

    My mother, Sherie Donahue, is the Proposal Development Officer in Research and Economic Development (RED).

    I intend to use the scholarship to help me advance my goal at UCR: to gain a deeper understanding of our world's complex social, cultural, and economic institutions, their shortcomings, and the skills I need to help fix them for the betterment of my fellow human beings.

    Sara Jean Sto. Domingo  Business Administration  


    2021-22 Undergraduate Scholarship Awards
    Alberto Flores

    Alberto Flores


    I am a first year student pursuing a degree in Biology. I am on the pre-med track as I wish to attend medical school after I earn my degree. Many different specializations interest me, but I am more so interested in anesthesiology. Of course, I plan to keep my mind open to different specializations. 

    In general though, I plan to get my M.D. My aunt Maria (Lusi) Franco-Gallardo who has recently retired let me know about the scholarship. Her work is in Academic Preparation and outreach at UCR. 

    Nicholas Jimenez

    Nicholas Jimenez


    My father Jose Jimenez is the UCR staff member who is an Automotive Equipment Operator (Refuse truck driver).

    I will use this scholarship to fund my educational goals in the insurance of money always being there for my tuition to allow me to focus on getting my degree in order for a greater future.

    Thank You so much for this opportunity and scholarship! This will allow me to continue my journey to becoming a mental health professional.

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